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More Mints, More Benefits

- 1x Gold Pass = 1 Raffle ticket
- 5x Gold Pass = 5 Raffle Tickets + Free mint of Black Pass.
- 1x Black Pass = 3 Raffle Tickets
Note: The one who will hold 5 golden passes will get free mint of Black pass, and the associated benefits with it.

This project is not just another NFT but here to assist the NFT community in making it's #Web3 journey awesome.

Privilege Pass Utilities:

Sick of wasting time researching projects? Sick of rug pulls? No worries, Upcomingnft has got your back. As a valued member of our community, Every pass holder will get the first opportunity to Whitelist for popular upcoming NFT projects!

  • Get Confirmed Registration for the whitelist of all upcoming NFT projects (Including free mints, verified projects & private projects).
  • Early access to Free Mint NFT Projects (You can enable auto register here).
  • Get a Chance to Win Free Blue Chip NFT with Monthly Raffle System.
  • Exclusive Tools and Features to Get Updated about New NFT Projects.
  • Pass holders can Request for New Features, they want us to add to the Dashboard.
  • Get to Know about any suspicious and Rugpull NFT Scams.
  • Get updates About the Top 5 NFT Airdrops of the Month.
  • Newsletter for Exclusive Inside Stories of UpcomingNFT research.
  • Exclusive features will be announced to pass holders after launch. Readmore at: What We are Building

Mint Schedule

Time in UTC Minting for
28-09-2022 1:00 PM UTC
Private sale allowlist for those who won a whitelist spot. You can simply get a pass by showing up at any time within this window. If you don't mint during this period, someone on the waitlist might be able to use your Whitelist spot.
28-09-2022 2:45 PM UTC
Those who registered for privilege pass, but didn’t win a guaranteed spot on whitelist, can mint during this time.
28-09-2022 3:00 PM UTC
Any wallet is capable of minting at this time. Maximum 5 Passes per Wallet

What We are Building

How it All Started

Being a Top NFT community, we want you to experience our multi-utility based platform.

- Our Aim is to provide all-in-one solution to all the NFTeers where they just need one platform that can Fulfill all their needs. After analyzing many projects, We have decided to offer the best platform for users and creators.

- For Creators, we will create a solution which will provide an all-in-one marketing tool, where creators don't have to worry about building the communities or stress about the promotions.The new system itself is able to identify the potential projects and place them at a better place to give higher exposure.

- The New platform will help Users to identify the trustworthy projects and give them early opportunity to Mint the projects. System itself will send them trending NFT Alerts, notify them about rug pulls, and also remind them if they're missing an opportunity or a good project. The New UpcomingNFT will be working as a Guide throughout the NFT journey of our Users.

- This tool will change the way how you select and invest in any NFT project.

- We will make sure that Every pass holder will be able to get the best NFTs in their portfolios. This is one in a lifetime opportunity. Grab it ASAP.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to answer your questions, some of them are here so that you may quickly go through them. If you have any other queries, email us at:

Total supply will be 1350
Yes, Presale will be conducted on 28th of September,2022 at 1:00 PM UTC , Price: 0.09 ETH
28-09-2022 3:00 PM UTC
Maximum 5 Passes per Wallet